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Direct hire placements
Kennison & Associates Inc.
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Temporary, short term and contract staffing
Kennison Staffing

The Kennison & Associates companies provide quality
administrative, financial and professional placement as well
as temporary support staff to both large and small businesses
throughout New England and the greater Boston area.
Kennison Staffing supplies exceptional temps for
short term and contract assignments, while
Kennison & Associates
offers direct hire placements, matching skilled professionals
to compatible long term positions.

We take pride in "Setting the HIRE Standard " in the personnel industry!

Kennison & Associates
64 Broad Street
Boston, MA 02109
(617) 478-2888
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For more information about Kennison & Associates, please send us an e-mail at
For more information about Kennison Staffing, please send us an e-mail at
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